Bette Clabaugh’s Memorial

I don’t know if anyone else was there, or if those who were there thought this, but I have never been so humbled at church than I was at Bette’s memorial service.

Bette kept all her prayers, you see, in journals. Ron read several of them, and each one started something like:

Dear Heavenly father,

Good morning Lord! I love you so much. I want to be with you so badly. . /

And on from there.

Here’s Bette, afflicted her entire life, expressing her unfailing confidence in the unfailing love that God had for her. This rock solid childlike faith just overwhelmed all the cares and frustrations of my day. I felt that something holy was before me. I felt God’s pleasure at these prayers. And I can tell you that it has and will continue to make a difference in how I approach God in prayer.

Any thoughts?

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