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Podcasts for Covenant Worldwide materials

In case you missed it, Covenant Seminary is offering beaucoup des courses online, free of charge. That’s right, high-quality seminary-course material, free for the download. I’m currently listening to the legendary Dr. David Calhoun teach Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, a real treat. So far, it’s the only class that the site provides with a podcast feed. However, Nate reminded me how easy it is to create one’s own feed, so I went ahead and did so for another fab course taught by a fab prof, Jerram Barrs’s Apologetics and Outreach. Here’s the feed:


The sound quality for that one won’t be as good as the Institutes class, because the Sem is still in the process of remastering the digital files. Here’s a note from Ann Copeland, the Seminary’s web master:

We will be podcasting all the courseware, but currently do not have the other courses’ audio produced with a sample rate that plays well on a non-iPod MP3 player. Until AV Services can re-sample all the other courses, I don’t want to advertise a feed for files that sound like somebody talking underwater when you play them on some MP3 players. All the files should be OK to play on a computer, though.

Be aware of that issue if you choose to post a feed to any other course than Calvin’s Institutes at this time. I will be posting feeds as the re-sampled audio becomes available.

I know I can’t wait, so I may try to make a few more feeds in the meantime.

This is truly an outstanding development for the church worldwide, as people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access the fine teaching at Covenant can now do so. While it may not have the same impact as the Gutenberg Bible, it certainly is a gesture in the same direction, and Covenant should be lauded for the efforts.


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From today’s ByFaithOnline update:

John W. Hendryx, a member of Intown PCA in Portland, Ore., is the founder and keeper of He states that the purposes of this site are: To equip Christians in the truth by making available the finest classic articles and resources of historical orthodoxy, to teach the whole counsel of God so that the gospel will affect and transform all areas of our lives, to stress important doctrines that have been lost or set aside in order to bring about the recovery of the gospel, and to bring glory and honor to God by stressing that the Scriptures are a divine self-disclosure that is God-centered, not man-centered and that the work of salvation is a monergistic work of grace.

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