Ignoring God on campus

I read the following tidbit on Best of the Web Today:

Be Diverse, Ignore God
The Princeton Review publishes a college guide, and its Web site lists the various criteria on which it ranks the 357 campuses included. One of them is “demographics,” which is based on comparisons in four criteria:

Diversity University Monochromatic Institute
Lots of Race/Class Interaction Little Race/Class Interaction
Diverse Student Population Homogeneous Student Population
Students Ignore God on a Regular Basis Students Pray on a Regular Basis
Gay Community Accepted Alternative Lifestyles Not An Alternative

We have no quarrel with the first, second and fourth of these criteria, but the third one is quite astonishing. If you “ignore God on a regular basis,” you’re “diverse,” whereas if you “pray on a regular basis,” you’re “monochromatic”? What if you pray in a black church, or pray for a more diverse campus?

I checked out the Princeton Review’s site, just to see what schools qualified as “diversity university” and “monochromatic institute” (I suppose if you’re monochomatic, you can’t be considered a “university”) in the God category.

The top five “closed-minded” campuses:

  1. Brigham Young University
  2. Wheaton College (sorry Seth and Jon E.)
  3. Grove City College
  4. University of Dallas
  5. Samford University (sorry, Jen S.)

And the “broad-minded” schools:

  1. Reed College
  2. Lewis & Clark College
  3. Marlboro College
  4. Eugene Lang College
  5. Hampshire College

Incidentally, Grove City College and Wheaton also show up in the “Alternative Lifestyles Not An Alternative” top five, while Eugene Lang is tops in the “Gay Community Accepted.” Perhaps not so incidentally, Lewis & Clark and Hampshire appear on the fun-sounding “Reefer Madness” chart in the “Party School” section of the Review. Then again, doesn’t everyone know that open-minded, “diverse” people smoke pot? Or does pot help you “ignore God on a regular basis”?

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  1. Pip said,

    March 24, 2005 @ 1:58 pm

    p.s. My own Miami University came in at fifth on the dreaded “Little Race/Class Interaction” blacklist (no pun intended).

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