Is this good news or bad news?

After reading this article, I wonder why proponents of a genetic component of homosexuality are working so hard to prove that homosexuality is a genetic disposition. Are they homosexual advocates or do they want to eliminate homosexuality? I believe that they are trying to relieve discrimination, however, their work will instead increase the discrimination of parents to their unborn children. If they can pinpoint a gene, then they can manipulate the genetic code to make a person heterosexual, and eventually eliminate homosexuality. The homosexual child will never be born.
I’ve heard so many times “You’re born that way”. Today, more and more gays and lesbians are beginning to acknowledge that it is a choice that they have made. That concerns me more than the “born that way” argument. It reveals that homosexuality is more attractive than it has been in the past. It also proves Romans 1:24-32 to be true.

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  1. keener said,

    June 9, 2005 @ 7:51 am

    The genetic argument is an interesting one. The most fascinating thing about it is the inherent determinism that those who promote it seem to swallow without question.

    Scientists have discovered genetic links to lots of things–alcoholism, for example. What I don’t hear from those who espouse a genetic link to alcoholism, however, is that it is now inevitable and we shuould just give such a person a bottle of cheap wine and let them go. Instead, I hear that this knowledge allows us to head off problems ahead of time.

    That’s just one (perhaps extreme) example of how those who have seen a genetic link have rejected the inevitablility of our DNA. Humans are more than preprogrammed robots. We come into the world with a genetic blueprint. Humans will never become trees. Our genes are uniquely human. One of the things that makes us human is our ability to rise above our genes.

    You’re right, though. We are closing in on the “brave new world” of being able to not only choose an embryo that has the most desirable characteristics, we are fast aproaching the ability to change the genetic makeup of any embryo. We will begin making offspring in our own image. God help us.

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