Kansas State Board of Educators question Darwin

I don’t understand how allowing “for an honest discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of evolution, which … is accepted with blind faith by mainstream scientists.” is a bad thing in the classroom. It takes as much, if not more, faith to believe in evolution than creation or design. The mechanism of that design is not being stressed. They are only calling for a discussion of the reliable and non-reliable teachings of evolution. Unfortunately, many of the evolutionary theories being taught in today’s classrooom have been dismissed by scientists many years ago. What is being taught in evolutionary textbooks is not what scientists today actually believe. It’s time to bring the classroom up to speed with the laboratory. Way to go Kansas Board of Education for putting archaic teaching on the shelf and allowing for progress in science to begin.

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  1. Pip said,

    November 11, 2005 @ 2:03 pm

    As with so many issues like this, the core problem is simply publicly-funded institutions, like schools. If people weren’t forced to send their kids to these schools and their money confiscated in order to pay for it (that goes for people on both sides of the issue), debate would be pushed into proper public arena of discourse of whether evolution theories are valid. Then again, people may understand the core problem exactly, and see it as the solution — forced teaching of evolution being the only way to indoctrinate — rather than the problem.

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