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If Terry Schiavo was a dog…

I know…the title of the below article caught my attention too…


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Hippocratic Oath – For Your Reference

Joel’s post made me think about the Hippocartic oath. Here, for your reference, are links to the classical and modern versions of the oath. Sidenote, here are are two links (here and here) that discuss the meaning of the symbols used to represent the medical community.
UPDATE: Here is a third link with some very interesting spin from, of all places, the First Church of Satan.


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Mr. Pip,

Is there a way to show a “Most recent comments” section in the right column. Sorta like “Previous Posts” but with comments. I hate having to check each individual post for new comments.

Also, does Blogger create a RSS file for comments? If they do that is an easy way to track new comments: just need to add it to my aggregator.

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News Aggregator

Im curious if anyone else uses a news aggregator to collect all their news in one place. Instead of having to visit each site individually an aggregator lets you “subscribe” to a blog or news site and view their entries from one main page. I currently use the RSS Feeds in my Firefox browser to keep up with the sites I’m interested in. However it is desktop based and that means I can’t access it from any computer. Other desktop based solutions that are cool include Abilon and FeedDemon (FeedDemon costs $). The best solution is an online aggregator. I tried bloglines but I did not like the interface. I am currently using Newsgator’s online version. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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A matter of justice

Over the lsat few Sundays, the sermon has touched on matters of justice. Over the last year or so I have been reading about an issue that requires justice, but it has been seemingly ignored in the MSM (Main Stream Media) until as of late. The Oil for Food UN Scandal is one of the biggest international scandals of our times. Discussion about the scandal often revolves around two fronts: 1) in connection with the war in Iraq and 2) UN bashing. I dont mention the scandal in order to bash the UN. The UN can serve a valid purpose but it is things like this scandal that weaken its legitimacy. Nor do I mention it to point fingers at war obstructionists. The exchange of favors/contracts/money for the ability to divert funds for humanitarian causes to a military bank account is plain wrong and requires justice. Keep up on the scandal by reading the UNSCAM blog.

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